10 Questions to Consider  Before Going on Medicare

10 Questions to Consider Before Going on Medicare

October 02, 2020

Congratulations you are turning 65!   It is time to consider if you will go on Medicare or delay it and keep working.  Here are questions  I would like you to consider

1. Will you enroll in Medicare when you turn age 65 or will you delay because you work for a major employer that will continue to provide your health insurance.

2. Are you comfortable having a network of doctors and hospitals or do you want the freedom to choose any doctor or any hospital?

3. Do you prefer a plan with high premiums that pays 100% for your care or are you comfortable with a plan with co-payments every time you use it?

4. Are you on a tight budget in retirement or can you easily afford $200-$300 per month for health insurance?

5. Are you taking generic medications or several brand names?

6. Are Dental, Vision, Hearing Aid benefits and a Gym membership important to you?

7. Are you the stay at home type, maybe take short vacations, or do you intend to be a snowbird?

8. Do you go to your doctor only once or twice a year or more frequently for ongoing health issues?

9. Is a plan that provides a quarterly allowance for Over the Counter items like vitamins, adult diapers and allergy medicine important to you?

10. Are you a do it yourself type or would you prefer working with a professional?

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